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Slot Overview: Cat Wilde in “Eclipse of the Sun God”

Slot Overview: Cat Wilde in “Eclipse of the Sun God”

Cat Wilde, the fearless adventurer, returns in a slot with a mouthful of a name. Success and fame await the daring Cat Wilde in Eclipse of the Sun God in Central America. The slot isn’t in the most creative setting, and to be honest, that lack of creativity penetrates the whole game. Clearly, the project smells a lot like Gonzo’s Quest, both the original and the Red Tiger Megaways remake. Still, Gonzo didn’t become a classic without good reason, so with Play’n GO’s consistent high graphic quality and a beautiful female protagonist, hopes were high.

As soon as the game starts up, you can see the similarities to NetEnt’s classic. The standard progressive multipliers appear above the 5-reel, 20-payline game area and come to life once a win is made. The reels are set against a backdrop of a dense jungle, and a step pyramid watches over the action from above. Keep an eye on the central sun in the sky, since this is where you’ll be hoping the moon will obscure it and signal a change to free spins.

Since this is a Play’n GO game, players can count on a solid mathematical model that produces an RTP of 96.22%. Since this is the default, it is important to double-check the version you intend to launch. Medium volatility awaits bushwhackers, and it may be enjoyed on any device with bets ranging from 20 percent to 100 pounds or euros.

The paytable is made up of big, chunky symbols, from the least valuable (10s and Aces) to the most valuable (sundials, keys, skulls, and the Cat). For premium combinations, a victory with five of a kind is worth 6–37.5x the stake, whereas a win with four of a kind is worth much less. To win, you need to line up at least three identical symbols across the first reel. For this purpose, the Sun God wilds appear on reels 2, 3, and 4 in the main game and can replace any other symbol outside the scatter. If you get five of a kind, you win 100 times your wager, which is the maximum payout.

Slot Functions in Cat Wilde’s “Eclipse of the Sun God”

The best way to describe Cat Wilde in Eclipse of the Sun God is as Gonzo on roids, and that’s a fair judgment. Both the cascades and the progressive multiplier are boosted whenever free spins are triggered.

To begin, cascades are triggered after each win, clearing the board of winning symbols so that new ones might fall in and create further winning combinations. This mechanism is accessible at any time during play, and its cascading impact lasts as long as there are winners.

A win multiplier is active throughout this time. The multiplier begins at x1 after the first victory and increases by x2, x4, x6, and finally x10 after ten consecutive wins. When a pattern is broken, the multiplier resets to 1.

Keep a watch out for the Moon Goddess scatter symbols; getting three of them anywhere on reels 1, 3, and 5 at once will trigger 10 free games. The multiplier is still in effect during free spins, however the maximum value has increased to x70. Whenever a scatter lands, it is automatically added to the total. Five scatters net you an additional five free games, up to a maximum of forty. In addition, obtaining 5 scatters increases the win multiplier, with the maximum remaining at x70. Finally, wilds can appear on any reel in the bonus game.

The Slot Verdict: Cat Wilde in “Eclipse of the Sun God”

As was previously noted, the game is enjoyable, but it may sometimes feel stuck and lack the motivation to get back on track. Cat Wilde in the Eclipse of the Sun God is still a solid Play’n GO product with a good-looking design and solid numbers despite this. The game mechanics aren’t too awful either, especially since they’re cribbed straight from Gonzo. Play’n GO’s upgraded multipliers are a major differentiator. Cat Wilde in the Eclipse of the Sun God has a lot going for it, but it’s not a very thrilling game until you manage to make it explode.

The primary issue is how sluggish it may be at times. Instead of being a high-octane, or even medium-octane slot that gets you stoked, it seems as like the game expects you to give the energy. It is so chill, it could be asleep if it were any more relaxed. You won’t find any of Gonzo’s charming antics here. In his place is Cat, who is more attractive than Gonzo (sorry, buddy), but who plays such a little role in this slot that she practically disappears, making the game feel generic. It wouldn’t have mattered if Play’n GO had ditched Cat and substituted a paint can for her icon. It seems as though she has always coasted by on her good looks and has never felt the need to cultivate other aspects of her personality or sense of humor. It’s as if she expects her grin to disarm booby traps in a secret tomb or for the natives to stop bowing to her.

It’s interesting to see a new spin on the Gonzo genre. Larger multipliers and potentially insane free spins can greatly increase the odds of winning. While there are some enjoyable segments in Cat Wilde in the Eclipse of the Sun God and a bonus round that can get really wild, the majority of the game is rather dull.